COVID 19: Your protection is our priority


We are engaged in setting up, respecting, and enforcing the respect of measures adapted for the maximized reduction of risk of infection and other risks related to COVID-19.

Hygiene of the location

We are very careful to do a « deep cleaning » after every guest rotation. Beyond the necessary cleaning to maintain an exemplary level of cleanliness, systematic disinfection of surfaces and manipulable accessories located in the studio, the bedroom, and the common areas is completed. In particular, light switches, remote controls, screens, keys, door buttons, and blinds, edges of doors, etc. are disinfected. Textiles, like curtains and pillows, are also cleaned with a high-temperature steamer. Home textiles (bedding, towels) are systematically cleaned at 60 degrees Celcius minimum with a disinfecting product.

Disinfecting equipment is available to you (soap, gel, etc.).

Social distancing

Because you will be our only guests (only one group of clients at a time), risks are much more limited than in larger structures or hotels. Your security and comfort are, however, our priority, and we scrupulously respect social distancing of at least one meter with our guests.

Personal hygiene

We are engaged in respecting protectives measures and, particularly, in washing our hands regularly and wearing a mask during any interactions with you (welcome, etc.).

In order for these measures to be effective, we ask for the cooperation of our guests in respecting these protective and distancing measures. Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

Wash your hand regularly

Use throwaway tissues

Couth into your elbow

Greet from a distance

Respect social distancing